Note: Frog Pond Village is now BlueBridge Event Center.

Frog Pond Village in Interlochen was the romantic venue for Megan and Andy’s Northern Michigan wedding. Surrounded by beautiful woods and a heart-shaped Ellis Lake, Frog Pond Village gave Megan the fairytale wedding she had always imagined.

This article was originally published the 2016 issue of MyNorth Wedding.

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Once classmates, this pair lost touch with each other when Megan moved from their Sterling Heights neighborhood in high school. In college, they found each other on Facebook—and love soon followed.  Six years later, Andy proposed on December 24, in front of their Christmas tree.

With a romantic sendoff like that, Megan allowed herself to dream of a fairytale wedding complete with white lights, beautiful gardens and a ball gown. When she saw Frog Pond Village in Interlochen, she knew it was the perfect spot to become Mrs. Hoppe. “I grew up going Up North every summer with my family, and when Andy and I started dating we took our own weekend trips,” Megan says. “We love how beautiful it is in Northern Michigan. It’s a hidden gem, and we knew we wanted to get married here.”

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Their special day began in the Bullfrog Chapel with the wedding ceremony. The rustic charm of the rough-hewn cedar walls and elegant chandelier lighting gave Megan the magical, woodsy atmosphere she was looking for. “I wanted something outdoors and rustic, and I loved how Frog Pond Village had both the indoor option and the outdoor gardens for all of our guests to enjoy.”

After the ceremony, guests were treated to an elegant dinner from Grandview Catering. The menu included chicken stuffed with basil mousse and garlic-Brie braised beef with a red wine mushroom sauce. Ann Barraclough of Aunt B’s Cake and Dessert made two, four-tier masterpiece cakes—a lemon poppy cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting and a white cake with cherry filling and almond frosting.

“I wish I could explain how convenient this venue was,” Megan says. “They have certain vendors they work with and everything went together so well. We don’t live Up North, so it was nice to have someone to give us good referrals.”

After dinner, guests enjoyed the beautiful August evening in the gardens outside. Grandview Catering set up a s’mores bar by the bonfire, and guests competed in the classic Up North vacation game corn hole. “We always play that game when we go Up North with friends and family,” Megan says. Inside, guests danced under a pergola of ivy and party lights, a breathtaking ending to a beautiful day.

Surrounded by Northern Michigan woods and a heart-shaped Ellis Lake, Frog Pond Village gave Megan the fairytale wedding she had always imagined.

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