Each bottle of juice from Press On Juice contains at least two pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables. The beverage business has been providing their unique twist on healthy drink options for almost two years now with their location on Eighth Street in Traverse City.

Press On Juice announced last week they’ll be moving into a second location downtown—where Venus used to reside—which will include a juice-tasting bar. Set to open within the next month or two, owner Kris Rockwood hopes the new spot is a convenient location for downtown walkers to continue their healthy habits.

What else does the new downtown location mean for the raw juice business and their customers? We did a Q&A with Kris to find out.

Tell us more about the new location on Front Street, please! 

Press On Juice has been looking for the right downtown location since we started the business two summers ago. We were open to almost any layout and concept. With our primary location at 1125 E. Eighth Street, which provides retail space as well as serving as our production facility, we knew we only needed a retail space downtown. Once we heard that Venus was moving we thought it would be just right—a small space where we could sell all our products and continue production at our Eighth Street location.

Press On Juice 134 E. Front Street will have grab-and-go raw food options and will have a tasting bar that will look and feel much like our 1125 E. Eighth Street location. There will be a small cosmetic upgrade to our new location but we wanted to keep the current feel. I think everyone has asked if Press On Juice was going to keep the tile, which is original, and yes, we are going to keep it. We will continue to expand our menu items to provide options and help the community stay healthy.

When do you anticipate to open? What will your hours be like? 

Press On Juice 134 E. Front Street will be opening in the next 30 to 60 days. Like a home renovation, everything takes longer than you think.

Winter hours will be Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and closed on Sundays.

Summer hours will expand into long days on Saturday, and Sunday we will be open.

What will set this location apart from your original spot on Eighth Street? Will there be any products exclusive to this location?

We will have all Press On Juice products at both locations, and the BIG difference will be parking!  The Press On Juice 1125 E. Eighth Street location has great parking for easy in and out that will continue to serve the east side of Traverse City.

Many of our downtown customers have given their wish list to me and said they would come more often if they could walk.

Like any food establishment, the more convenient you make your location, the more people will come and that is our hope with the new 134 E. Front Street location. And if everything works out, we’ll then plan our next location on the west side of town.

Is there anything else you want your customers to know about?

“Start Healthy Habits Here” is one of our mottos. And we all know vegetables and fruit are good for us, it is just hard to find and to have it taste great. It has to be quick and convenient and then it becomes an easy first choice. This is what Press On Juice is all about.

Learn more about what inspired Press On Juice’s Kris Rockwood to start up her business with this 2014 feature on MyNorth.com

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Photo(s) by Carly Simpson