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TRAVERSE CITY: Welcome to the new generation of kids sailing! Traverse Area Community Sailing (TACS) is thrilled to announce a riveting addition to their sailing fleet. A move that will excite and inspire a love of water and sailing at a young age for generations to come. The compelling new approach comes with the purchase of ten O’pen BIC boats, adding a state of the art element to the TACS Northern Michigan sailing program. The O’pen BIC has already captivated more than 7000 young sailors around the world and TACS is eagerly awaiting their arrival this April, to transcend our region into the O’pen BIC sphere with a big splash.

Launched in 2006, a wind of change has been what the O’pen BIC has brought to the world of dinghy sailing for kids. Designed specifically for kids, the O’pen BIC is a true glide machine for real excitement on the water.

“The O’pen BICs are designed to be wet, fast and FUN boats to sail. With their high tech composite sails to their planning, self-bailing hull form, they’ll give a level of excitement to sailors from 10-14 that we’ve previously been unable to provide. These boats are designed to be capsized, then righted and sailed away by young people, with little or no assistance from coaches and the safety boats. To non-sailors (and us older keel boat sailors!), capsizing is a fearful event, but to kids in the right boats (e.g. self-bailing and light weight) it’s the very essence of fun. FUN is what the TACS board has been emphasizing through all our programs: Sailing for the pure joy of being on the water!” says Jim Sorbie, TACS Board Member.

TACS is located in Traverse City, Michigan; a local non-profit organization established in 1994. Traverse Area Community Sailing’s mission is to provide affordable Northern Michigan sailing opportunities to residents and visitors of the Grand Traverse Region.

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