A pair of art collectors went looking for a home with a connection to nature, and found it hiding behind an unlikely color palette. Learn about their Harbor Springs remodel here, then take eight tips from these DIY decorators who celebrate every season Up North and know how to create cozy in Northern homes and cottages.

  1. Look to your surroundings. Your color palette is already decorating the woods and meadows.
  2. Create soft transitions. Avoid abrupt changes of color, surface and style throughout the home.
  3. Ceilings are the fifth wall. Painting them a warm color or covering them with wood can transform the room.
  4. Add texture. Wall coverings, fabrics, art textiles and plush accessories all add warmth.
  5. Use natural materials. Wood, stone and natural fibers like wool and cotton are comforting.
  6. Proportion is important. A large-scaled space requires large-scaled furnishings and accessories to feel comfortable.
  7. Keep a sense of humor. A painting of a family of bears whooping it up in a classic Chris Craft? Of course!
  8. Let your personality shine. The homeowners framed and hung this quotation from Western Art & Architecture magazine, by painter William Matthews: “What I love about houses is seeing people’s personalities coming out, particularly if they have some sense of aesthetics but don’t use a decorator. They fill where they live with experiences they’ve had over a lifetime. That’s what I try to bring to the place I inhabit.”

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