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(Press Release provided by Food for Thought)

HONOR: Just in time for 20th anniversary celebrations, Northern Michigan food company Food for Thought rebrands their products. “In an ever crowded market, it was time for a new look that better communicates our message and why we are still different after all these years,” stated Food for Thought founder and president Timothy Young. “We’ve actually been working on it for three years, it just happens to be completed right as we are celebrating our 20th year in business.”

“While we’ve always provided certified organic and other certifications, such as Fair Trade, Kosher, Gluten Free and more, they are now on the front of the jars where they can be more easily identified by customers. And after 20 years, we still make small batch artisanal food and remain a family owned company. Because that matters to more consumers, we’ve put batch sizes and jar numbers right on the front of the jar.”

While family owned, the family members involved grew recently. A little over 1 1/2 years ago, Founders Timothy and Kathy Young restructured the company and brought in some strategic partners, including Timothy’s brother and sister-in-law Greg and Diana Young. “It was a great opportunity for us. Greg comes with over 40 years of executive leadership with General Motors and Levi Strauss. Greg has brought so much value to the company, which has freed up resources-me-to work more on new products and rebranding,” said Timothy.

Customers will see the new look showing up on store shelves starting this month and some soon to be released new products will be coming out this Spring.

“It was time for a change,” said Greg Young. “There’s no change in the values or mission that Timothy and Kathy built the company around, but the new look will better communicate that value system to new customers.”

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