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(Press Release provided by Crystalaire Adventures)

FRANKFORT: Registration is now open for Crystalaire Adventures unique youth expeditions, with a new accessible online registration system allowing families to immediately sign up for programs. Kids activities include hiking the Manitou Islands, sailing a schooner in Lake Huron, backpacking Isle Royale, and exploring the Upper Peninsula wilderness!

Crystalaire has been providing exceptional outdoor opportunities for youth for 95 years. Now in its third generation of Leinbach family leadership, the program continues to offer alternative-education-based approaches to preparing kids for a dynamic world while offering them space to relax and be themselves.

“We want to get people out to the beautiful, hard-to-reach places that will really get them to fall in love with the lands and waters Up North,” says Director Micah Leinbach of the 2016 offerings. “These are awe-inspiring places. You simply will not find better trips for youth anywhere in the region.”

Participants ages 10 to 18 are invited to hike the Manitou islands, explore caves in Indiana, sail a schooner across Lake Huron, backpack Isle Royale, and navigate through some of the Upper Peninsula’s densest wilderness on 2-day to 3-week-long expeditions. In addition, trips to canoe down some of Florida’s spring-fed waterways are scheduled for most public schools’ Spring Break vacations.

Trips will benefit from Crystalaire’s long history of providing qualified guiding services and experiential, alternative education to youth from around the world. “Our participants will make more authentic decisions here than anywhere else,” explains Leinbach. “We are deeply committed to giving them the chance to learn from shaping their own experience, travel, meals, and schedule.”

Participants will learn to camp, cook, and work together. The “microsociety” concept informs every aspect of Crystalaire’s programs, and participants are encouraged to make connections between the function of their own small team and the way societies around the globe navigate relationships with other peoples and places. Playful games, a non-judgmental atmosphere, and a chance to think deeply about our relationships with each other and the land are hallmarks of the Crystalaire experience.

Crystalaire’s trips are intimate and inclusive, allowing for all personalities to find room for self-expression and contribution to the group. Co-ed groups of 6 to 8 participants will travel the wilderness with at least two experienced guides as educators and role models. References are available in both Traverse City and around the state. Crystalaire continues to offer adult, family, and group programming in addition to youth work.

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