Traverse City is home to many Northern Michigan restaurants that cater to patrons who can’t drink alcohol (or decide not to) and are tired of ordering traditional virgin daiquiris. With the popularity of craft beers and local wines, non-alcohol drinkers want to participate in fun crafty concoctions, too.

Indulging in non-alcoholic mocktails is one of the best alternatives around.

For the designator driver, expecting mother, person under 21, and other non-alcohol drinkers roaming the foodie scene: Here’s a list of MyNorth’s favorite watering holes with Northern Michigan drinks that taste so good, they don’t need the alcohol!

Trattoria Stella’s Colibri

True to Trattoria Stella’s heritage, this drink’s name is Italian, representing their version of a Shirley Temple. “Colibri” is Italian for hummingbird, and Stella’s creates it with house-made grenadine based on Light of Day Organics Hummingbird Nectar. Plus it’s topped with soda—either lemon-lime or plain—made to order, adjusting for how sweet you’d like it.

The Little Fleet’s Strawberry Basil Shrub Soda

Northern Michigan fruit, sparkling water, sugar, and apple cider vinegar combine to create a concoction known as Shrub Soda. Grab a bottle amongst friends at The Little Fleet and enjoy some crazy unique flavors. Our favorite? It’s the Strawberry Basil.

The Frankin’s Step in Thyme

With house-made alcohol-free thyme water, lime cordial, tonic water, and a thyme sprig, a fancy glassful of Step in Thyme delivers a punch of thyme tastes right in downtown Traverse City!

Black Star Farms Sparkling Juice

Chateau Chantal’s and Black Star Farms’ Sparkling White Grape Juice

Both Leelanau County and Old Mission Peninsula have the sparkling grape juice scene covered. Pouring a little bubbly sans alcohol in a champagne flute or wine glass can fool just about anybody.

And it’s not just for kids to pop a bottle on New Year’s Eve! The sweetness of sparkling grape juice delights older palates, too.

North Peak’s Root Beer Float

Not only do they brew their own alcoholic beer, but North Peak Brewing Company also brews their own Root Beer! Pair that with Chocolate Stout and Vanilla Malt ice creams from Traverse City’s own Moomers, and you have one heck of a delicious Root Beer Float (who says there’re only for kids?!).


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Photo(s) by Courtney Jerome