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TRAVERSE CITY: The roster for the upcoming Traverse City Authors Expo hosted by the National Writers Series has grown, with 22 of Northern Michigan’s best-known authors, poets and illustrators preparing to speak and sign books on Saturday, December 19, with a goal of attracting hundreds of book lovers from throughout the state. This free Traverse City book event will be held from 12 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Inside Out Gallery.

In addition to meeting with the public face-to-face, the authors will offer presentations throughout the day, speaking on topics ranging from how to write and publish, to ideas for illustrating books. Some plan to read excerpts from their books. Local book publishing services will also be in attendance for anyone interested in pursuing the writing path.

“Anyone who loves books and wants to meet their favorite author or learn more about writing will love this event,” said Anne Stanton, executive director of the National Writers Series, which is sponsoring the Expo. The Expo will be held from noon to 5:30 p.m. at the Inside Out Gallery in Traverse City’s Warehouse District and books of all participating authors will be available for sale as holiday gifts.

Participating in the Expo will be nationally- and regionally-known local authors, including Doug Stanton (Horse Soldiers, In Harm’s Way), Mardi Link (Bootstrapped), Anne Marie-Oomen (Love, Sex and 4-H), the team of Jerry Dennis and Glenn Wolff (A Walk in the Animal Kingdom), Aaron Stander (Murder in the Merlot) and Elizabeth Buzzelli (the Emily Kincaid mysteries).

“A major goal of the Expo is to raise the profile of local authors,” said event coordinator Bob Downes, author of Travels With My Wife and Biking Northern Michigan. “Traverse City is well known as a restaurant destination and for its music scene; we believe it should also be known as a mecca for writers. In fact, the Traverse City Commission recently deigned Traverse City as an official ‘Book City’.”

Downes says he has been interested in launching an expo for local authors for several years, but a chance meeting with Anne and Doug Stanton of the National Writers Series helped make the event a reality.

“The National Writers Series has the respect of the book-loving community and the resources needed to make this event a success,” he said.

Authors Expo

Additionally, Mission Point Press representatives will be at the event. Publisher of Storm Struck, Mission Point Press provides design, editing and marketing services to writers seeking to publish.

About the National Writers Series

Formed in 2009, the National Writers Series has hosted 75-plus authors from around the country in the gorgeous City Opera House, attracting audiences ranging from 150 to 700. Each event is recorded for Interlochen Public Radio and broadcast to more than 100,000 listeners. It’s also shown on UpNorth Media, a cable access channel.

NWS is considered by publishers and authors in New York and around the country to be a top tour visit. Poets & Writers magazine calls NWS one of America’s premier literary events.

The Writers Series is also committed to nurturing the love of reading and writing. Guest authors often visit area classrooms to talk about their books, their professional life, and the finer points of writing. NWS also funds a free, for-credit high school writing course in collaboration with Traverse City Area Public Schools called Front Street Writers. This class offers aspiring young writers an opportunity to hone their craft, working under the guidance of a writer-in-residence and a TCAPS language arts teacher. The Writers Series also gives out three college scholarships each year to winners of a writing competition.  

Sponsored by the National Writers Series, the Traverse City Author Next Door Book Expo will be held at the Inside Out Gallery on Saturday, December 19 from noon to 5:30 p.m. The event is free of charge and the books of participating authors will be available for sale. The Inside Out is located at 229 Garland Street, adjacent to the Workshop Brewing Co. and the new Indigo Hotel.

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