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(Press Release provided by Traverse City National Writers Series)

TRAVERSE CITY: Join us at the Traverse City National Writers Series as guest host Doug Stanton sits down with author Susan Casey on Wednesday, November 18 at the City Opera House. During this Northern Michigan book event in Traverse City, Susan helps us listen to the ocean’s intelligent voices and understand what they’re telling us.

Susan Casey is the New York Times bestselling author who travels to the edges of the earth and the depths of its oceans to explore new realms. In Voices in the Ocean: A Journey Into the Wild and Haunting World of Dolphins, she turns her storyteller’s art to dolphins—playful mammals that can count, deduce, throw tantrums, call each other by name and rescue one another. USA Today calls the book, “painstakingly researched and gorgeously written.”

Casey is our tour guide to all things fantastic and mysterious in the inner space of our oceans. She explores the shining moments of our relationship with dolphins, but she also delves into the darker side of how we treat these remarkable animals—the multibillion-dollar dolphin captivity trade.

Casey begins with a pod of spinner dolphins that surround her while she is swimming near Hawaii. The book then dives into the complicated kinship humans feel for the mischievous, sociable and intelligent animals. She writes about the career of controversial dolphin researcher John Lilly and a Hawaiian community that believes dolphins are key to spiritual transformation.

Casey’s previous book, The Wave, reports on rogue waves and the people who love them. In The Devil’s Teeth, she writes a lively portrait of the scientists who mix it up with great white sharks on a Northern California island.

An avid swimmer and diver, Casey is the former editor-in-chief of O — The Oprah Magazine and a National Magazine Award winner whose work has been published in Esquire, Outside and National Geographic.

Join Susan Casey and host Doug Stanton at this extraordinary Traverse City National Writers Series event where you’ll discover the selflessness of dolphins and what they can teach us humans.

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