Enchanted Forest Hike for Northern Michigan Kids

An enchanted forest hike and exploration for Northern Michigan kids will take place at the Otsego Lake Township Park in Otsego County on Saturday, October 24. From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., Kids Outdoors Otsego will host this free and family friendly Northern Michigan event filled with outdoor activities.

In addition to making snacks for the trail, Kids Outdoors Otsego plans on sharing the story Hansel and Gretel with the group to teach kids about the woods and outdoor safety. Families are welcomed to come and go as they please at the Jensen Nature Trail throughout the length of the Northern Michigan event.

More information about Kids Outdoors Otsego can be found on Facebook, or by contacting [email protected], Nancie Kersey at 989-348-9508, or Sam Cornelius at 231-238-9394 ext. 216.

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