Traverse City’s Joshua Davis: Shedding Light on Michigan Music

When singer-songwriter Joshua Davis, a 15-year veteran of the Michigan roots music scene, made it all the way to the finale on NBC’s The Voice earlier this year, it quickly gained him thousands of new fans—but the Traverse City transplant is eager to share the spotlight. “With that increased exposure I’ve been trying to shine a light on the Michigan music scene,” he says. “My career has a lot more momentum now; the goal is to use that momentum in the best way possible.”

We won’t see much of Davis this month, as he’ll be working on new recordings and prepping for some extended touring, where he’ll share his blend of Americana, rock ‘n’ roll and soul music with the masses. But he says he’s determined to squeeze in some TC tour dates, and in the meantime, he’ll keep spreading the gospel of Michigan music. “Music is all about community and bringing people together,” he says. “Hopefully I can continue to use this exposure in a way that does that and makes people proud.”

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Watch the video below of Joshua’s homecoming performance at the State Theatre in Traverse City before the season finale of The Voice.

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