Limited Edition, a pop-up art gallery in Petoskey gives Northern Michigan artists, writers and makers a venue to showcase their work and to grow as creatives.

Founded by local artists Kristen Koehler and Katie Brines, Limited Edition is a multi-use space inspired out of need for a professional place to show and sell artwork and to develop the emerging creative community in Northern Michigan.

“What I realized in the last year is that if I want to live here and make a living doing what I’m passionate about I have to create my own job, or in the case of an artist, jobs,” Katie says. “I think this is something that the millennial generation faces across the board, which is a great opportunity for innovation.”

“We are a group of passionate, hardworking creatives who want to be in leadership roles and create new riffs on existing ways of doing things. In order for us to be inspired, we need to be given creative control, yet we can’t do it without the support of generations before us. We strive to create fresh, fun and inclusive things for people of all ages and demographics.”

This summer, Limited Edition is offering various workshops for people at all skill levels to participate in. Some of the upcoming classes include shibori dyeing, sun printing photographs and papermaking.

“We created the workshops as a way to provide affordable classes to the public and give our young artists a chance to share and hone their teaching skills,” Katie says. “For $5 or $10 you can cherish your inner creative and sit down and craft with others in a laid-back environment with no skill required.”

The pop-up shop is also hosting a free speaker series this summer to create a dialogue around the idea of artists as entrepreneurs and business people. The talks are given by local business and creative professionals from Northern Michigan such as Margaret Tvedten, artist and owner of Tvedten Fine Art Gallery, and Marty Scott, owner of Northern Michigan Artists Market and Red Sky Stage.

“We are very excited about the positive support and engagement we’ve had from the Northern Michigan community,” Katie says. “Our workshops are nearly all filled up and we’ve run some really packed openings. We’re working hard to increase foot traffic and spread the word creatively as we have a tiny budget and are not in the traditionally busy part of downtown Petoskey.”

Katie and Kristen hope to do a pop-up shop again next summer and ultimately have a year round multi-use space offering an area to work in and a contemporary exhibition space.

The shop opened June 5 and will stay open through September. All of the featured artists are from Michigan and a majority are from Northern Michigan. Katie and Kristen curate the work and look for artists with a high attention to detail, craft and authenticity. The shop offers a range of price points and art media from large abstract work to prints, ceramics, photography, blown glass and wearable items.

“As creative people living in Northern Michigan, Kristen and I crave opportunities that allow us to express that side of ourselves, engage with others and simply have more diverse things to do up north,” Katie says. “And we had the sense that we weren’t the only ones.”

Limited Edition is located at 435 E. Mitchell St. in downtown Petoskey. Visit their Facebook or Instagram for more information or to their featured artwork. 

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Photo(s) by Heather Gray