Who doesn’t look forward to local produce, fresh baked goods and beautiful flowers at the farmers market? One of the overlooked perks of attending a market is the educational experience. Next farmers market bring the kids along for a firsthand experience of what local eating is all about. Here are 6 reasons your kids will love the farmers market.

1. Fresh is best

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is based on the foundation of eating healthy. Buying straight from the farmer or baker ensures freshness. The fresher the produce or product, the more nutrients you’ll benefit from!

2. Try something new

Kids love being able to see, touch and smell the abundance of produce and baked goods at the market—especially the fruits and veggies they’ve never seen before. The market is a fun place to try new foods, focusing on what’s seasonal.

3. Get the kids cooking

With so much produce to choose from, you’ll be inspired to try new recipes. Test out your freshly purchased produce with these awesome summer recipes.

4. Meet the farmers

Kids will get a kick out of meeting the farmers who grew their food, and then returning to their favorite farmers each visit. Encourage them to ask the farmer a question about farming each time you visit.

5. Quality family time

Time spent outdoors with the family never grows old, and the benefit of open air shopping is simply revitalizing!

6. The value of community

When you shop at the farmers market, you support your local farmers and strengthen the community. Put your money where it matters, and your kids will follow suit!

Check out our list of Northern Michigan Farmers Markets to find your nearest market, and take a look at the Taste the Local Difference Guide for more resources on healthy eating in Northern Michigan.

Photo(s) by Abby Clear