There will be two ORV free ride weekends taking place across Michigan this year. According to Maia Turek, Recreation Programmer for the DNR, the ORV free weekend allows all ORVs to legally ride both public roads (where open) and the DNR designated routes and trails without having a current ORV license and permit.

The first weekend will take place on June 13th & 14th and the second weekend will be on August 22nd & 23rd. MyNorth’s Eliza Foster checked in with Maia to get more details about the two weekends, including how to participate and what to prepare.


Does this take place all over Michigan?

The ORV free weekend covers the entire state of Michigan.


Who can participate? What kinds of permits and training do you have to have?

The ORV free weekend applies to all ORVs that would normally require a current license and permit. It includes all out of state users as well. All of the rules found in the 2015 ORV Handbook of Michigan Off-Road Vehicle Laws still apply.


What are you most looking forward to about the weekend?

We are most looking forward to getting people out on the trails! Michigan has amazing motorized trail resources, and yet there are lots of people with ORVs that are simply use for household chores, like bringing up the wood, or pulling an ice shanty. We hope a weekend like this will encourage ORV owners to get out of the garage and onto the trail. This is a great way to explore all new places off the beaten path.


Learn about more about ORV’s on the DNR’s website


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Photo(s) by Michigan DNR