To celebrate the culmination of Traverse City Restaurant Week, MyNorth hosted a giveaway to get $1,500 in certificates from spectacular restaurants into the hands of one lucky diner. During the last week of February, diners had seven days to revel in 3-course menus offered at unbeatable prices.

Colleen Paveglio, Deputy & Marketing Director of the Traverse City DDA & DTCA reflects on this year’s success. “We had 38 restaurants on board this year for Traverse City Restaurant Week, and great feedback from our restauranteurs. We were pleased to have patrons calling the office just to tell us thank you and let us know how much they loved the event. TC truly is a foodie town and we look forward to TCRW in 2016.” Traverse City resident Deb was overjoyed when she caught wind that $1,500 in Traverse City dining certificates was hers to claim. MyNorth’s Dani Knoph followed up to find out what Deb enjoys most about dining TC, and where she’s excited to dine this year.


Dani: Deb, what 3 restaurants are you looking forward to dining at first?
Deb: I’m looking forward to PepeNero, Stellas and Apache Trout the most. I’ve heard wonderful things about the first two but haven’t been thru that area since it’s been renovated. Apache is just a beautiful place in the summer and has a wonderful seafood bisque.

Dani: Did you make it out for Restaurant Week this year or in years past? If so, what were some highlights of your experience?
Deb: I made it out to the Boathouse this year and had a great lobster dinner. Unfortunately, at the time of year it gets dark so I was not able to enjoy the view as much as I would have liked. I also found out how important reservations way in advance are.

A couple of years ago I came across restaurant week by mistake and have looked forward to it each year. It is so nice to get to try different restaurants at a very affordable price. Being able to look up all the menu options ahead of time was fantastic. My friend and I spent some time trying to eliminate it down to 3 each, and see which ones we both picked. It was very hard to choose. I am just so excited to be able to try ALL the restaurants since it was so hard to eliminate good choices.

Dani: Who will you take with you?
Deb: I will be taking my fiancé (getting married in June) and my family members with me to enjoy the prize. I also meet a friend every other week to catch up, and we are always looking for a great value. It was with her that I became aware of Restaurant Week, and we look forward to it each year.

Dani: What do you like about dining in downtown Traverse City?
Deb: I love Traverse City and all that it has to offer. We are getting well known for not just the wineries now, but also the breweries and food! It’s always so nice to try some of the downtown restaurants. They aren’t the “chains” that you get in every city. Downtown is very unique in the selections of restaurants to try.

Dani: Where do you go to get the latest on Traverse City’s food & drink culture?
Deb: I am always on the lookout for where I can get a value fine dining meal. Traverse Magazine is always introducing new places, I purchase the two on the town card each year, and watch for UPNORTH LIVE deals.

Dani: Deb, congratulations! Enjoy dining TC and we wish you and your fiancé a beautiful wedding day in June!


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