Revisions Design Studio recently opened a brick and mortar location in downtown Marquette. The store specializes in handmade designer goods including ceramics, jewelry, lighting and more. MyNorth’s Eliza Foster checked in with store owner and artist, Michele Dupras to chat about her work, what’s going on in downtown Marquette and what her favorite Michigan microbrew is.

So you started Revisions Design Studio in 2008. How has it changed since then? Is this your first brick and mortar store?

Owning a business you learn something new everyday. Not only has the business changed, but I have as well! When I first started Revisions, it was just me. I did it all which meant working non-stop and feeling stressed and overwhelmed most of the time. Slowly I began adding support staff to free up my time to do the jobs that only I could do! I now focus more on design and working on the business rather than working in it. This has allowed me to expand what my business offers as well. Today over 50% of our studio production is sold at wholesale. We have filled orders for many smaller shops as well as some bigger vendors such as West Elm and Urban Outfitters. When thinking of the next step for Revisions, opening a brick and mortar felt like a nice way to get back to my roots. I’m enjoying meeting my customers face to face and having a place to showcase our work for people to actually touch and feel rather than buying just from a photograph online.

Why downtown Marquette? Are you a native of the U.P.?

I cannot say enough how much I love downtown Marquette! I am a native to the U.P. having grown up about an hour south. I first came up to Marquette to attend Northern. After college I really had no desire to ever leave! There is a lot happening in our downtown right now. A number of new, young and trendy shops have opened up in the past 2 years and I’m super excited to be one of them. Marquette’s DDA is also incredible in the support they provide.   

I really love the design of the store. Was there a certain theme or inspiration behind that look?

The store is really a reflection of our brand. Revisions is about making old new again. I draw inspiration from vintage and antique objects. Renovating the storefront to include old tin ceilings mixed with rustic weathered cedar shake siding and concrete countertops gives it a modern vintage feel. The style of the shop is a bit eclectic but I tried to focus on colors and patterns that feel timeless.

What do you carry in your store?

Everything in our store is designed and handmade personally by us! We view the shop as Revisions’ flagship store. You can find every one of our ceramic designs in every possible size and color. We also have been making antique silver spoon jewelry for years. Having the brick and mortar has allowed us to do more custom work for clients in this department. People will bring in grandma’s old silver and have it made into jewelry. In the past year I’ve also been expanding my custom lighting line. We have a number of really unique light fixtures for sale that are made from old industrial pulleys or wooden yokes. I also design and create a line of translucent porcelain lighting.

Did you study art or did you teach yourself?

I have been making stuff as long as I can remember. My mother is an artist and my father is a business owner. I guess it’s not a surprise I run an art based business. I did receive my Bachelor’s of Fine Art with a concentration in ceramics from Northern Michigan University in 2006.

How did you get into ceramics? What else do you create?

I was first introduced to ceramics at a community college. I was instantly drawn to porcelain for it’s strength and translucency. All of my life I’ve been a Jane of all trades working in wood, metal, paper… anything really. Most of my ceramic work in college was also mixed media.

Michele Dupras

Michele Dupras

Where can people find your products?

If you are in Marquette be sure to stop by the shop at 219 West Washington St. Just as when I started, we still sell on Etsy. All of our designs can be found through our website.

I read that you’re a lover of craft beer… Any Michigan favorites?

Michigan really does have the best craft beer! Marquette’s Ore Dock Brewing Co. has been just killing it lately with their brews. I have way too many favorites to list but lately I’ve been digging the Cheboygan Brewing Company’s Lighthouse Amber and Atwater in Detroit’s Vanilla Java Porter. And of course it’s now Bell’s Oberon season.

Learn more about Revisions Design Studio on their website or Facebook. Not local to Marquette? Shop some finds on Etsy.


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