The Village at Grand Traverse Commons in Traverse City is not only Michigan’s largest historic preservation project, it has also become a thriving community that is home to several restaurants, private condominiums, shops, a bakery, winery, coffee shop, weekly farmers market and a place for several festivals and most recently the home to a senior living community called Cordia.

The man behind it all is visionary developer Ray Minervini, who purchased the property in 2002 and has worked with his company the Minervini Group for more than 10 years on restoring the first 50% of the property, including the completion of the 387,000 square foot Building 50 in late 2014.

The Minervini Group’s purpose is “to pursue the successful “resurrection” of the historic architectural treasures on the 63-acre campus of the Grand Traverse Commons.”

In this MyNorth video, Ray Minervini and his son Raymond Jr. discuss the history and work that has gone into such an amazing project. Watch as they take you on a tour of some of the historical highlights including a sneak peek at the underground tunnels.

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