Toasting with your cronies is one way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but enjoying a craft beer while getting your head shaved to raise funds for childhood cancer research is an outstanding way to honor the venerated patron saint of Ireland. On Saturday, March 14th, 7 Monks Taproom located in downtown Traverse City, will fill the taproom with a tremendous amount of good vibes for St. Baldrick’s. As tradition has it, a handful of 7 Monks teammates and Short’s Brewing Company members will bare their heads. Whether or not you decide to go under the electric razor, you’ll revel in the great cheer as you lift up a tradition as old as St. Patrick himself—charity. 7 Monks Manager Jason Kasdorf sheds light on the tradition…

Jason, can you tell us about how 7 Monks started this tradition? What inspired its launch?

Jason: The inspiration to launch the tradition of St. Baldrick’s stems from our friendships created at 7 Monks to team together to help those children struck by the terrible disease, cancer. The kids are our inspiration. We help to make a difference in their recovery and find a cure. Since we started hosting this event in 2012 right up until our current fundraising campaign we have raised $83,356 for childhood cancer research.

How many folks typically go all in and have their heads shaved?

Jason: We usually have between 25 to 30 shavees involved in the event. This year we have 40 people getting their heads shaved. We have several great stylists coming in from Allure Salon and Love Hair Salon to do the shaving.

Say somebody isn’t up for shredding their locks, what are other ways they can get involved?

Jason: People can make a donation to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation in a few different ways.
1. Donate to the event at the St. Baldrick’s website.
2. Search for somebody who is raising money and donate through their page.
3. Come to 7 Monks the day of the event and make a donation in one of the donation boxes located throughout the bar.

Does 7 Monks offer specials on St. Baldrick’s?

Jason: We will be opening early that day at 10:30 am, so there will be a breakfast special. We are also proud to be partnering with Short’s Brewing Company again this year by doing a special St. Baldrick’s Tap Takeover. We will have 15 really great beers from Short’s, and several employees of the brewery will be getting a haircut, as well.

Lastly, who are the 7 Monks? I imagine they’re proud of the good work you’re doing?

Jason: The true identity of the 7 Monks is still a secret that we may never find out. However, the two owners of 7 Monks participate in the event each year, as do a majority of our staff, family and friends. It’s safe to say that we are all very proud of each other for what we have done and are continuing to do so for such a necessary and great cause.

Thanks for inspiring us, Jason. We’ll see you there!

Make your donation to St. Baldrick’s through the 7 Monks fundraising goal and with the Short’s Brewing Company team.

Get more information about 7 Monks Taproom, Short’s Brewing Company, and learn about the good work the St. Baldrick’s Foundation is doing.

Throw back to St. Baldrick's 2014 at 7 Monks Taproom. Photo courtesy of Short's Brewing Company.

St. Baldrick’s throwback at 7 Monks Taproom. Photo courtesy of Short’s Brewing Company.


Photo(s) by Michael Murphy IV Photography