The Warehouse District in downtown Traverse City is now home to vibrant new home furnishings and lifestyle store, Wood + Cloth. After months of planning and buying trips, owners Dan and Meridith Falconer opened the doors in time to welcome Spring. The bright and re-imagined space located right next to BLKMRKT showcases product lines harmonized by neutral palettes and timeless design qualities. MyNorth’s Dani Knoph caught up with Meridith Falconer for the Wood + Cloth backstory.


Wood + Cloth
With BLKMRKT, The Workshop Brewing Company, InsideOut Gallery, Relish, Darling Botanical and now The Remedy Cafe, The Warehouse District is shaping up to be a cultural hub. How does it feel to be setting up shop in the Warehouse District?

Meridith: We have been tied to this district for some time, with Dan’s parents buying the Warehouse MRKT building to house the Lighting Center more than 20 years ago. Dan and I purchased the building in October of 2013 and began renovations in May of last year. Our hope was to create a unique, synergistic shopping experience. Construction took longer than we anticipated, but the final result was worth the wait. We are thrilled to be adding our own store to the mix of established retailers.

Dani: What is Wood + Cloth bringing to Traverse City?

Meridith: We offer a quite a range of high quality merchandise (from granola to sofas) that will appeal to a diverse audience. Whether you are shopping for a gift or redecorating, there truly is something for everyone. As my daughter (7) said, when asked to describe our store, “It’s kind of like Meijer, there’s a little bit of everything…”. For the record though, we don’t sell fish! In all seriousness, we really try to vary our goods and price ranges to effectively cater to a broad audience.

Dani: How do you describe the style of Wood + Cloth?

Meridith: I don’t know that we fit into a particular “style”. It all depends on context, right? We prefer classic furniture that can look rustic in a cottage, or modern in a contemporary setting. It is fun to mix styles and we hope we can assist people in creating their own unique aesthetic (in home decor, clothing etc).

Dani: What’s your background? How did your career inspire you to launch Wood + Cloth?

Meridith: My background is in bagpipes and business and my husband’s is in lighting, fashion and business. I think our life experiences (building a home, renovating the Warehouse MRKT) inspired us to open the store more than anything else. We have owned businesses in the past, but didn’t want to pursue another until we were both able to participate equally, in day to day manner. This has been in the works for awhile and it is nice to see everything fall into place. We work and think differently than one another, which rounds out our sensibilities both stylistically and in the details of running a business.

Wood + ClothDani: 3 product lines or products that are going to be a hit, what are they?

Meridith: Already we’ve had lots of interest in Murchison-Hume (cleaning products), Barloga (art prints) and Shinola. But we are really excited about products that we brought in that are the cream of the crop: Libeco linens, Mast Brothers chocolate and Abyss towels (et al) are among the finest one can find.

Dani: Thanks for sharing with us, Meridith! We’ll be checking in for more Wood + Cloth style finds in the future.


Did you know the Falconer’s kitchen was showcased in the 2014 Ultimate Up North Kitchen Tour? Check out the elegant modern style of the Falconer’s Old Mission kitchen—designed by Sandra Bargiel. You can shop Wood + Cloth Mondays thru Saturdays. Find out more at the Wood + Cloth Facebook and Instagram page.


Wood + Cloth

Photo(s) by Eliza Foster