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(Press Release provided by Pure A Cappella)

TRAVERSE CITY: Did you know that this is the fourth year that Pure A Cappella has supported scholarships for members of the NMC Children’s Choir? Candice Wallace created the concert event four years ago to enable children with talent and limited funds to join a superior organization that trains young singers. She wants these children to enjoy singing as much as she does and hopes they will some day be in a group like the ones performing in the show. Singing doesn’t have to become a career in order to bring joy and enrich your life. The first few years she organized a group of high school students to be in the show. Now there are more established groups interested, so there isn’t room for her to add another new group for the event. The first year, there were six groups performing. Now there are eight joining in song to present a fun-filled afternoon. There were four more interested groups, but we just couldn’t add them to the roster or the concert would be three hours long!

Pure A Cappella IV will be held March 1, 2015 at 3 pm in Milliken Auditorium in Traverse City. Tickets are $12 ($10 for groups of 10 or more) and available at Oryana and

Since Candice founded Pure A Cappella four years ago, this event has grown in participation and popularity. We have a combination of eight choirs and ensembles participating in the show. All the returning groups are very excited to participate again.

The variety of music ranges from hip hop to classical with lots of pop music in between.  This is the first year we have a hip hop group performing. There are six community groups and two high school groups involved. Candice personally organized and performs in two groups: Voices 4, a mixed group of men and women, and Trillium Singers, a women’s group.  She says, “It’s been a lot of fun, although challenging, to organize the event and sing in two groups as well.”

Jeff Cobb’s Canticum Novum from North Michigan College is performing, and his Children’s Choir is the recipient of our proceeds.

Our emcee, Dick Wallace is back to lead the fun-filled afternoon. Dick just wrapped up his Pops Potpourri show after 45 years in radio and is fired up to be part of this again.

Candice Wallace
Witte Travel & Tours Representative
Founder Jazzy Christmas, Pure A Cappella Concerts
Founder Trillium Singers, Voices 4