Whether you create a whole meal for your Super Bowl party or like to have plenty of snacks out, we’ve come up with a few different food and drink ideas for your upcoming Northern Michigan Super Bowl get together. Do you have a favorite Super Bowl dish? Comment below and tell us about it!

Northern Michigan Super Bowl Hoagie

100% locally sourced items=100% deliciousness. This recipe was created a few years ago when Maddona was performing at the half time show, but we don’t think Katy Perry will be offended by it.


Cherry Chili

Would it really be a party in Northern Michigan without cherries? This is a hearty chili with lots of tasty ingredients including chopped cherries. You’ll never want regular chili again!


Cheese Lady Cheese Dip

It’s delicious, gourmet and most importantly really simple. Combine four ingredients and voila! You’ve got a delicious dip.


Pair Microbrews with Ice Cream

Buy some different flavors of ice cream, have your guests bring local brews and then let everyone experiment with different combinations during halftime! That way if the odds are in everyone’s favor, they have something sweet to eat for the rest of the game.


Dana’s Cheesy Potato Recipe

MyNorth Media staffer Dana is a big football fan (Go Lions!) and she also makes wickedly tasty cheesy potatoes. Perfect for a potluck party!


Beer Pizza Dough with Right Brain Brewery’s Hawk Owl Amber Ale

Combining pizza with beer on game day isn’t an unusual idea but this recipe is definitely not your average combination. Your guests will be wowed by the medley of flavors (we are talking goat cheese, buchamel, mozzarella, shallots, spicy cured ham and those are just some of the toppings!) that your pizza has. The dough takes a bit of time, so we suggest you make this a couple of hours ahead of time.


Kitchen Sink Salsa

The name gives it away. Although not much can be harvested from your garden now, that doesn’t mean this salsa isn’t possible to make. Pair it with some Great Lakes Potato Chips Company Tortilla Chips for a locally delicious snack.


Mid-Winter Mixed Drinks

If you are looking for a shake up from the usual beer routine, here are a few wintery cocktails to keep you warm throughout the game!