Backed by thirty years of interior design experience, and an admirable agenda that is already engaging the community in new ways, Cedar Creek Interiors owner Kim Hooker is bringing fresh design to downtown Elk Rapids where she recently opened a second showroom. Cedar Creek Interiors, originally a Traverse City interior design business, creates environments that reflect the natural beauty of Northern Michigan through a variety of design services, but the scope widened when Kim and building owner, Kathy Wittbrodt got to talking. What began as a renovation in the Elk Rapids showroom space, snowballed into an indoor artisan market happening on weekends throughout December. MyNorth’s Dani Knoph checked in with Kim Hooker to find out more.

Dani: Why did you choose to open a second Cedar Creek Interiors in downtown Elk Rapids?

Kim: We chose to get a foothold in Elk Rapids because the dramatic turnaround in the housing market coupled with the increased demand for design services due to the emigration of young professionals, entrepreneurs and retirees from all over the country, just made perfect sense. Our presence in this market, having opened a small studio post-season, has generated a remarkable amount of interest.

Cedar Creek InteriorsDani: Speaking of remarkable interest, your downtown Elk Rapids location is beautiful, and being so close to the beach, downtown and the library, I imagine you’ll see a lot of foot traffic, especially during the warmer months. What do people discover when they step inside Cedar Creek Interiors?

Kim: What people discover when they visit Cedar Creek Interiors is an environment of well-being, comfort and delicious design. They discover people who love what they do, which is creating a completely personal and appropriate interior design solution for them. 

Dani: When did Cedar Creek Interiors come to life?

Kim: Cedar Creek Interiors came to life twenty years ago in Old Town, Traverse City, When Kevin Graves took his twenty years of knowledge of the furniture industry and opened the beautiful store on Union St. He burgeoned into the rustic lodge interiors and took it to the peak of the trend. Then as the economy and trends shifted, he did too. His design team did and still do a myriad of styles, which are always eclectic and reflect the needs and lifestyles of their clients.

Dani: If you had to describe Cedar Creek Interiors in 3 words, what would you say?

Kim: Three words: Creative. Collaborative. Compassionate.

Dani: What products or ideas are inspiring your sense of design this season?

Kim: The products that are a driving force going into 2015 are dining and entertaining related. The huge “Farm to Table” movement, coupled with the Northern Michigan cultural/agricultural movement has us focused on original, organic dining tables and chairs in every form. The more esoteric ideas that are in our scope are based on our cultural “lifestyles” in this beautiful place on the planet—family, friends, food and wine. Our goal is to create those environments that invite us in, make us feel welcome and content.

MarketCheck out the Elk Rapids location of Cedar Creek Interiors and the River Street Market on weekends in December, Saturday or Sunday from 11am to 3pm at Cedar Creek Interiors, 212 River Street, Elk Rapids, MI. You’ll discover a trove of artisanal products and goods including items from Providence Farms, Boss Mouse Cheese, Potter’s Baked goods, Lady Amberlin soaps and lotions, plus the collection of Cedar Creek’s timeless home decor accessories and much more.