Here are just a few of the benefits you get when you meet with MyNorth Media account executives before the end of the calendar year, 2014.

Get 2014 rates on next year’s advertising. You don’t have to fill in the whole plan. If you only have time to set up the major ads you know you’ll need, get the better rates on those. Then you can fill in opportunistic ads later.

Let us mind the schedule. Set your plan now and we’ll remind you when ads are due, so you never miss an opportunity.

Reduce your worries going forward. Once you have the plan together, you don’t have to worry about meeting with your account executive monthly to learn about the options. We’ll still check in regularly when new things come up, but you’re worry free knowing your plan is in place.

Coordinate your co-op funding. If you use co-op programs offered by your vendors, you have enough time to coordinate those with your creative schedule.

You can plan your photography because you know what photos you’ll need next year. If you know that next year you have an ad in MyNorth Holidays, you can photograph your shop now in all its holiday glory and have that photo next September when it’s due. Need a portrait for a fall professional ad; do it outside when you have a summer glow.

Better positions are available now. If your plan includes paid positions, you’ll get the best options now.

You can take advantage of frequency discounts & package deals. Not only will you be able to take advantage of lower rates, but our account executives can look over your whole plan and look for cost-saving options. When you buy on an ad hoc basis, you can’t always take advantage of frequency rates or package deals.

So hurry and set an appointment with your account executive before New Year’s and get the right plan for you with the best prices.