After a late night on New Year’s Eve, start your New Year’s Day off right by sleeping in and enjoying a leisurely brunch. This year we are thinking french toast (perhaps paired with some Northern Michigan bubbly?) so we’ve compiled three french toast ideas for New Year’s brunch from some of our tasty recipes. Invite some friends over, make some mimosa’s, put the maple syrup on the table and enjoy!

Cherry Mascarpone French Toast

The french toast has to soak overnight so if you’re going to make this one, keep that in mind. It’s a richer toast smothered with a tasty mascarpone and cherry sauce, pair it with an off dry sparkling wine and enjoy.

Baked French Toast with Cherry Wine Sauce

Make your brunch all about cherries and enjoy this baked french toast with a cherry wine sauce.

French Toast with Blueberry Orange Sauce

Let your taste buds revel in a sauce that combines orange and blueberries in a citrus-y mix, perfect for pouring over a fresh, out of the oven, baked french toast.


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