Take a step inside MAISON & JARDIN and you’ll discover a cache of MAISON&JARDINFrench-inspired gifts artfully arranged in a charming historical building nestled in downtown Charlevoix. Each piece feels handpicked by the eye of an astute stylist. Glass cabinetry displays an assortment of vintage handbags, sunglasses and jewelry. Eye-catching books and chic home decor add to the experience of simply not wanting to leave empty handed, and the variety of organic candles displayed in big bowls and baskets throughout the store evoke the sense of walking through a garden. You’ll want to stop and smell each one. It’s a boutique that sparks curiosity. So we had to ask, whose eye curated such a beautiful collection? MyNorth’s Dani Knoph got in touch with Design Specialist, Brenda J. Teague, who has been running the boutique for more than 25 years now. Here’s what she had to say…


Dani: MAISON & JARDIN is really more than a shop, it’s an experience. Can you tell us more about the vision behind the store and where the name comes from?

Brenda: My vision behind the store comes from my love for France. I hand pick and display every furnishing. Maison means home and jardin means garden in French. I chose the names because I sell both types of these items and like the simplicity of the name. My number one goal is to be unique in every way. Some of the furniture I designed myself. Customers feel extra special when they know they’re getting a “one-of-a-kind” item. 

Dani: This holiday season what are your most popular gifts ideas? MAISON&JARDIN

Brenda: Our holiday gift ideas are endless. You won’t walk out empty handed. The ‘must-haves’ have proven to be our unique hand made soaps, soy votive candles, our huge selection of books, lamps, paintings, custom furniture and clothing. 

Dani: Do you have some personal favorites that you’d recommend gifting?

Brenda: My personal favorites are our vintage items, especially the hand bags. Books, soaps, jewelry and candles are also on my list. We just received handmade night shirts made from 100% linen. I grabbed two for me right off the bat! 

A couple of my favorite books are One Chick to Another. It’s a delightful little book for friends and family. It can put a smile on anyone’s face, plus the photography is excellent. The French Cat and The French Dog are a must for furry-friend lovers.  Customers rave over the range of books we carry. 

Dani: The candles and the purses must attract a lot of attention. Do you travel to find your products?

Brenda: I’ve collected vintage hand bags and sunglasses from all over the world since we opened. Ladies love the fact that they won’t be seeing anyone else with their look. Our candles are a MAISON & JARDIN exclusive from the west coast. I travel all over the world to find the exclusive inventory we carry. My customers are so excited I’m here. I constantly hear “This is my favorite shop! Please don’t ever leave”. 


Brenda, thank you for sharing a bit about MAISON & JARDIN.