If you’re a Northern Michigan runner, either a novice or a marathoner, this time of year marks a transitional period in your outerwear options. Although it’s not quite winter yet, for those who want to keep running year-round we gathered some helpful tips from downtown Traverse City’s Running Fit Manager, Daniel Siderman.

The first thing he suggests to handle cold weather running, is layering up. “Your base layer definitely needs to be something that is a little snugger fitting and something that’s going to wick away moisture,” he said. “Then ideally you’ve got another thermal layer in between, and then something that is going to cut the wind over top. But that’s for your very, very cold days, and then you just use variations of that outfit based on how the temperature is. Like now,  you’re probably not going to wear all of this stuff.”

Covering up your legs is another important way to keep warm. Siderman says that women and men favor tights over pants a lot of the time, mostly because they are easier to move around in.

“Tights definitely seem to be a lot more popular for runners than pants do. Again freedom of movement,” he said. “The pants kind of get in the way a little bit. And you can layer underneath. Like you can always throw a pant on top of tights and add a little more warmth to it.”

For shoes, he says you’ve got to look ahead to wintery conditions.

“Cold weather running makes me think of slippery conditions which we haven’t hit yet, but I definitely recommend wearing something on the bottom of your shoes so you’re not going to fall on your face.”

He suggests a traction aid like Yak Trax.

“Yak Trax is definitely the one that people know the most and they’ve got two different versions. I really like their running version better than the pro version although the pro is probably more popular,” he said. “The running version has some spikes up in the front and the traditional Yak Trax in the back. I think the spikes are important on ice which is what you hit more times than not, so that is a good key.”

Siderman says that wearing gloves or hats is really a matter of preference, but that either way ear coverage is essential.

“You’re definitely going to have to wear something on your hands when it gets really cold and whether that’s gloves or mittens is up to you. A mitten is going to be warmer, if you’re looking for that warmth. Maybe even have a glove and then have a mitten that you can put on top of that when it gets really cold like it did last winter,” he said. “As far as your head goes, you need to cover your ears, that’s a big thing. It depends on how much hair you have on your head as to whether you wear a hat or not but you’ve got to cover your ears. Otherwise you’re going to get frostbite, that’s just what’s going to happen.”

To stock up on some gear for this coming winter, check out Running Fit in Traverse City or online.

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