Reach the MyNorth Audience with Your Product This Holiday Season: Get All Three!

To be eligible: purchase any size print ad in two or three of the following:2013 Holiday Covers Collection for print bonus package

  • MyNorth Holidays or Traverse Magazine November
  • Traverse Magazine December
  • Traverse Magazine January

You are included in bonus email blasts out to 70,000 subscribers, one for each issue purchased

  • Nov. 21, Friday before Thanksgiving (advertisers in the MyNorth Holidays issue)
  • Dec. 4, Thursday, early bricks & mortar (advertisers in the December Traverse Magazine.)
  • Dec. 17 Wednesday, last minute gift buyers (advertisers in the January Traverse Magazine)

Email Advertisement Specifications (click for samples of ads)

  • Product photo
  • Headline 8-10 words
  • 30-40 words of text
  • Address of your store, phone
  • Optional link to your website or facebook

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Best Practices:

  • Specific products work best
  • Put a price in your copy
  • Fill out the form before the deadline; the first forms submitted are loaded at the top
  • Use the same ad for each newsletter (you may change creative if you like)

Contact your MyNorth Account Executive to purchase your print ads and be eligible for the bonus email package.

Deadlines for Qualified Participants:

Qualified participants must have filled out the form by November 14, 2014 for the first email, releasing November 21, 2014. We will begin sending reminder emails out the last week in October.

For the December 4, 2014 email, qualified participants must have filled out the form by Tuesday, November 25, 2014. If qualified participants don’t have new forms filled out, we will pick up the previous one. (they don’t have to do it twice.)

For the December 17, 2014 email, qualified participants must have filled out the form by Wednesday, December 10, 2014. Again, we’ll pick up adds that have run before if we don’t have new forms.

On the reminder emails, we will state lists of people who have forms turned in and those who don’t. We cannot hold up an email for advertisers who haven’t filled out the forms.