Save $19,000 & Reach 30,000 People with Your Message

Tell your board of directors this:
•    You’re going to mail 30,000 pieces describing in detail the mission of your organization, telling stories and including four-color photos
•    The list is made up of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine subscribers with an average household income of $225,000+ and also includes ultra-affluent households in Northern Michigan.
•    Your information will not end up in the recycle bin.
•    And it will only cost, at the very most, $3,730 (for a two-page spread advertorial).

Then wait for the protestations that it can’t be done!

If you were to direct mail two pages to 30,000 people, it would cost $19,411 more than a two-page, full-color advertorial spread in MyNorth Give Northern Michigan, which is going to Traverse Magazine subscribers and affluent Northern Michigan households—a list you can’t buy or rent.

One of the largest expenses restraining a non-profit budget is the cost of direct mail. As outlined below, a direct mail campaign to 30,000 people costs at least $11,190 in postage alone and can soar to $13,000+ in postage. And with printing and fulfillment, an organization is looking at a total bill of $23,141, or $19,000+ more than reaching 30,000 people with a two-page, full-color advertorial spread in MyNorth Give Northern Michigan.

As a nonprofit organization, you can use those dollars more efficiently by letting the MyNorth Give Northern Michigan present your organization beautifully to a handpicked audience and cover your mailing costs.

See the cost comparison below:

MyNorth Give Northern Michigan—Buying the ultimate size (there are options to fit any budget)
Printing two-page spread, full-color, 30,000 quantity                                          $3,730
List rental & management,                                                                                  No Charge
Postage                                                                                                               No Charge
Fulfillment                                                                                                            No Charge
Total For Two-Page Spread in Give Northern Michigan                                    $3,730

Direct Mail—Producing & Distributing A One-Shot Piece
Printing letter and flyer, two pages, full color, 30,000 quantity                           $4,301
List rental & management*                                                                                  $3,750
Postage (range for this is $11,190 to $13,590)**                                               $11,190
Fulfillment                                                                                                            $3,900
Total For a Direct Mail Piece                                                                           $23,141

Priceless Benefits of the MyNorth Give Northern Michigan
•    At MyNorth Media, we are in the business of creating magazines that people want to keep. MyNorth Give Northern Michigan readers keep the product as a valued guide.
•    The full-color, glossy printing allows Northern Michigan nonprofits to stand up to any well-financed, global non-profit vying for your prospect’s donations.
•    Association with Traverse Magazine underscores the local connection and aligns your organization with quality and credibility.
•    Share your mission with a group of handpicked recipients, affluent people who care about Northern Michigan and have the means to support your organization.
•    The digital version of the MyNorth Give Northern Michigan is promoted on, which had more than 1.4 million visitors in the last year.
•    Your fundraising event is included in the MyNorth Give Northern Michigan calendar.

Contact MyNorth to find out how your organization can reach this valuable audience.

*MyNorth Media | Traverse Magazine doesn’t share or rent our subscriber list. Non-profit organizations would need to build or buy lists of affluent people who live in Northern Michigan.

** We used the least expensive postal rate, all automated and machine handled. For reference, here’s the U.S. Postal Service non-profit postage calculator