During the twilight of summer, Northern Michigan sweet corn flows into Northern Michigan restaurants, farmers markets and grocery stores. Here are five ways to utilize this fantastic local food.

1. À la Grill

The simplest way to cook up some corn is also mighty tasty—yet there are secrets to grilling the perfect cob.

2. Summer Corn Salad

The subtle sweetness and mini-bite mouthfeel of corn pair with fresh garden herbs and tangy vinegar.

3. Pizza! Pizza!

Gather all the ingredients for this chicken, cilantro and corn pizza locally and enjoy this savory yet healthy pie.

4. Now That’s A Wrap

Spicy and healthy, this corn and avocado wrap channels chipotle flavors for a veggie-heavy, locally sourced lunch.

5. Lake Trout with Corn Salsa

Traverse Magazine’s Food Editor Tim Tebeau teams up with his chef mom to catch and cook four delicious and iconic northern fish. We’ve got the pair’s recipe for Lake Trout with Corn Salsa.