One of the coolest things about the Traverse City Film Festival is how much it changes from year to year—no two film festivals are ever quite the same. This year marks Michael Moore’s 60th birthday, and it’s also the 10th anniversary of the festival, so expect over-the-top parties, unique movie-watching experiences, and a celebration of all that Northern Michigan has to offer.

The Buzz

  • Housed inside the InsideOut Gallery, The Buzz serves alcohol for patrons over 21 that you can enjoy during the film. As the only festival locations that serves alcohol, this is a great way to make a night out of a film screening. Find Buzz screenings at


  • The Traverse City Film Festival partnered with Michigan State University to bring interactive gaming experiences to the festival using Oculus Rift technology. Check it out Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 6 pm at The Buzz.

Movies on a Boat

  • Exactly what it sounds like—this year, you can enjoy movies under the stars as you cruise on the Nauti-Cat. They’ll project the movies onto the screen, and you can snack on popcorn and relax. A can’t-miss experience. Find ‘Movies on a Boat’ screenings at

Around the Bay

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