Red Ginger—an Asian-inspired Northern Michigan restaurant located in downtown Traverse City—is set to reopen on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 at 3 pm.

Red Ginger’s reopening comes after an eight-week closure due to the collapse of one of the brick columns within the restaurant on May 30th, 2014.

“We were as anxious as anyone to reopen our doors,” says Pam Marsh, Red Ginger owner. “It was very hard to be patient, but the support from the community, our vendors, staff, and the outpouring of well-wishes from our customers really helped as we awaited the go-ahead to reopen.”

In the middle of the peak summer season, Red Ginger employs approximately 60 employees. During the eight-week construction period, the Marshes offered its employees, whom they continued to pay, as volunteers to area non-profits, including Peace Ranch, Habitat for Humanity, and Goodwill of Northern Michigan.

In addition to the restaurant, Red Ginger’s Lotus Room private dining area, located on the second level, will reopen as well.

Red Ginger’s adjacent buildings—which house Horizon Books and the State Theatre and are hubs for Northern Michigan’s book and film scenes—both reopened on Friday, June 6th.

Red Ginger, the State Theatre and Horizon Books were all evacuated following collapse of a pillar within the dining area of the Northern Michigan restaurant.  Nobody was hurt during the incident, despite shards of brick falling on patrons during the restaurant’s dinner rush.

Red Ginger hours are Monday through Saturday beginning at 3 pm. The restaurant is closed on Sundays. For dining reservations, interested parties may call 231.944.1733 or online at

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