Traverse Magazine August 2013Last August our Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine cover sported a festive summer table dressed for a sunset feast, and copies flew off the newsstands. What captured our public’s attention? Was it the bright wildflowers? The linens, royal blue? The impromptu Northern Michigan style of cottage dishes on a weathered table? Or the feast itself, prepared by Bare Knuckle Farms? Or perhaps it’s just the idea of a vacation picnic … Of course it was all of these things. We’ve found that the act of al fresco dining is at least a part of everyone’s summer dream.

We bring you that same flair in a gallery of all that is stylish in Northern Michigan for a well-dressed picnic table, deck, patio or garden. In these photos you’ll find surprises like the umbrella that doesn’t have a post down the middle, a wavy approach to seating, glassware galore to bring sparkle to any table and much more. We even included a few ways to wear your Northern Michigan style to dinner. Use it to inspire your Northern Michigan outdoor dining adventures, or get yourself to Northern Michigan’s restaurants to have someone else prepare it for you. Let sunset decorate your table. Let laughter and waves be your dinner music.