There are some spectacular hiking trails located right behind the Village at Grand Traverse Commons in Traverse City that rival top Northern Michigan hiking trails. The Grand Traverse Commons hiking trails offer everything from spectacular views of Traverse City to intimate moments at the Hippie Tree—an enormous fallen tree that’s been painted over with positive messages and serves as a jungle gym for the adventurous spirit. The hiking trails at Grand Traverse Commons provide the perfect momentary break from the world and an appreciation of nature at its best.

The Village is surrounded by 480 acres of preserved parkland, woodland, wetland conservation areas, and hiking and biking trails. These trails are groomed and are all a mile or less, making them perfect for a post-dinner walk or an early morning run. They’re also great for biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. And, if you ever feel lost and want to head back to the shops, just start walking downhill as the Village itself is the lowest point in the complex.

With sounds of the water rushing by and the smell of fresh pine surrounding you, it’s totally possible to feel completely at peace in the heart of Traverse City.  The trails can be accessed at a number of entrance points: from the hospital parking lot at the intersection of Medical Campus and Cottageview Drives, near the Greenspire School on Red Drive, by striking west from Gray Drive near the Commons’ water tower, or by heading northwest from Left Foot Charley.

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