Terrariums make the perfect Northern Michigan home accessory or gift for someone special, and Terrarium Bar in Traverse City is a one-stop shop for all things terrariums. An oasis with plants and flowers covering almost every inch of the interior, Terrarium Bar is a one-of-a kind experience that allows adults and children alike to get their hands dirty while expressing their creative urges. MyNorth’s Kelly Brown spoke with owner Megan Kellogg about the basics of Terrarium Bar; check out Terrarium Bar located in Traverse City’s Warehouse District.

What was the idea behind opening Terrarium Bar?

The idea came to be after a staff member and I created a collection of terrariums for a fundraising event. I was in the process of moving in to our current location that I was sharing with local florist Derek Woodruff (Floral Underground). We were both experimenting with expanding our current businesses by adding retail as we both provided only private account services at the time. I needed focus, and after we had spent late nights making these little glass environments, I decided that other people could enjoy the same experience.

What is the average cost for a terrarium?

The cost varies depending on the type and size of your vessel. Items are priced à la carte, so the cost is determined by your selection of plants and decoration.

Explain the process of making terrariums?

The first step is to choose a clean container. This will help set the tone of your “living world”. Consider color and theme. Beach, woodland, desert? Will your terrarium tell a story? Gather the pieces along with complimentary plants (plants that like the same watering schedule) and create an intention. People often say they are not creative, but each choice adds up and the result is always unique and beautiful.

Is this a great experience for both kids and adults?

Yes! It is a great time for both children and adults. Though it is generally a younger crowd that likes to get their hands dirty, it’s the adult that comes back again and again. It is also a great place for a date!

How has business been?

Things have steadily been picking up over the last three years. We operate primarily through word of mouth. Our amazing clients must be spreading the word.

Piece of advice when making a terrarium?

Have fun! Make a mess! And yes, you should put the creepy doll head in your terrarium.

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