The Traverse City Wine and Art Festival is quickly approaching on June, 21st. This Northern Michigan festival will feature over 30 Northern Michigan wineries, 10 restaurants, and 7 music acts for you to rock out to —including funk outfit the Mainstays, Traverse City’s favorite duo, the Accidentals, and the singer-songwriter Samantha Crawford. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for this amazing festival through

Samantha Crawford has been quietly crafting her work nestled within Manton, Michigan for the last decade. At 26 years of age, you’ll hear soul, folk, and a dash of pop coming from this powerful singer-songwriter. MyNorth’s Kelly Brown had a chance to speak with her before her appearance at the Traverse City Wine and Art Festival on June, 21st.

What other festivals besides the Traverse City Wine and Art Festival will you be at this summer?

I have a lot planned for this summer, including the Harvest Festival in my hometown of Manton. Then, possibly the TC Film Festival, which I’ve played many times in the past. We have shows lined up at The Workshop in Traverse City, Friday Night Live, and Short’s Brewing in Bellaire.

Anything in the works for you right now?

In the works…I recently released a 5 song EP on iTunes that I hope will take off.

What is your favorite part about Traverse City? Or about playing any festivals?

My favorite thing about playing in Traverse City is the appreciation for artistry that runs so deep there. It makes for rad audiences. Festivals are great because of the opportunity to meet and enjoy other musicians.

What inspires your music, and is there a message you wish to get across with your songs?
My music heralds the value of the ultimate trifecta, which is faith, hope, and love. I sing a lot about pushing through and rising above circumstances. It is personal for me, because I’ve struggled with severe anxiety and panic attacks for almost a decade. I want to show people what is possible with God—everything.
You can catch Samantha Crawford at the Traverse City Wine and Art Festival on the Art Garden Stage at 8:00pm, June 21st.
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