While Mother’s Day has its ritual brunch, Father’s Day is holiday of indecision: do we go out to eat at a Northern Michigan restaurant, or take to Northern Michigan’s outdoors for a hike or a day at the beach?  What does Dad want to do? Does sleeping in count as a Father’s Day celebration?

The answer to your Father’s Day dilemma is this: just grill.  Read on to learn about recipes and products to make Father’s Day a manly, meaty, mouth-watering holiday that Dad will relish.


The Ingredients

A true cook-out requires a hallmark protein. Dogs and burgers are the gold standard—go platinum with venison steaks from Michigan Venison Co.  Flavorful, sustainably farm-harvested and a Michigan product…Dad will take one look at these steaks and immediately regress into a primitive, carnivorous caveman-like state of mind.  →


← No meat is complete without proper seasoning.  Enter Alden Mill House, purveyor of fine hand-ground spice blends.  For that venison steak, or any beef product for that matter, try their Meat Marinade or Big Dave’s Burger and Steak Blend to take your protein to the next delectable level.


The Sides

Peppers, onions, and asparagus are all good.  But on the grill, they’re great.  Find your nearest farmers market to buy locally-grown and marketed produce and foodstuffs at MyNorth’s Farmers Market Round-up.


The experimental grill-masters should give these Northern Michigan recipes a go.  Find these and more at MyNorth’s Digital Recipe Guide.

Steak-wrapped Shrimpsicles with Honey & Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce

Skewered jumbo shrimp wrapped in beef tenderloin, all smothered in a smokin’ savory-sweet sauce.

Sauteed Morels and Grilled Michigan Asparagus in a White Wine Sauce

Source all the ingredients locally and take your palate on a roller-coaster ride.

Grilled Morel Pizza

Compliments of the Rowe Inn in Ellsworth, this appetizer-sized pizza delivers a rich, umami flavor.

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