Just in case you’ve been living in a cave in lower Slovenia for the past few days, Newsflash! Good Morning America’s meteorologist Ginger Zee is getting married this weekend at Northern Michigan’s Inn at Bay Harbor located near Petoskey. So if you look up from your beer at Petoskey’s City Park Grill and realize she’s sitting next to you, or you’re grabbing a sammie at Julienne Tomatoes and she’s behind you, here are some conversation starters.

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We call them ‘Ginger Zee’s Top Northern Michigan Picks’—with some editorial notes to help keep you chatting and avoid those awkward moments:

Ginger Zee’s favorite Northern Michigan beaches are found in Petoskey and Manistee.

Ginger Zee’s favorite Northern Michigan tradition is camping near the Lake Michigan beach in Manistee.

Ginger Zee’s favorite Northern Michigan summer memory is stand up paddle boarding in Lake Michigan off the beach at Frankfort.

Ginger Zee’s favorite way to eat a morel is “N/A.” Editor’s note: if you happen to run into Ginger, maybe don’t start waxing poetic about the pounds of fungi (and associated bugs you shook out of them) that you sauteed up and slathered over your steak last night.

Gingers Zee’s favorite way to eat whitefish is to quote her directly: “panfried?” Editor’s note: we see chances here to expand her whitefish repertoire into dips, broiled and Parmesan crusted …

Ginger Zee’s loves Northern Michigan wine and her favorite Northern Michigan wine or winery is Black Star Farms!

Ginger Zee’s favorite place to view fall colors is Mackinac Island—and yes, she knows how to spell and pronounce it correctly (aw not ak but please no ws!), meaning, Ginger passes the bona fide lover of all things Northern Michigan with flying colors … um, except, about those morels Ginger …

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