On Sunday, May 18th, members of the Traverse City West Senior High Community Outreach Advisory will host ‘Homeward Bound,’ a 5k fun-run and a 3k fun-walk to raise money for Pete’s Place, a Northern Michigan organization combating youth homelessness. While organized by Senior High students and staff, the race and walk will take place at Traverse City West Middle School’s track, located at 3950 Silver Lake Rd in Traverse City.

West Senior High School’s Community Outreach Advisory was established to engage students in community support projects in Northern Michigan.  The group is comprised of four staff members and a small band of hand-selected students, all of whom coalesced to achieve an ambitious set of organizational goals: learn about various community needs, network with local organizations connected to those issues, and develop and execute a plan to contribute to one area of need that also provides TC West students with an opportunity to perform community service.

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The student’s chose to concentrate their efforts on youth homelessness, and partnered with Child and Family Services, Third Level Crisis Center, the Goodwill Inn and Pete’s Place to produce Homeward Bound.  All proceeds raised at the event will be donated to Pete’s Place.  Food will be available for purchase, while refreshments will be provided for race participants.  The run and walk were conceived to involve participants of all athletic abilities, and post-run activities will be both entertaining and educational: on-site tents will house live music performances by West students and informational booths focusing on youth homelessness issues.

“I can’t tell you how rewarding it has been to be a part of this so far—how excited I am to see the look on the kids’ faces when they realize what they have pulled off, or how proud I am that they decided to bite off something like this and have the courage to go for it,” says West Senior High teacher and Community Outreach Advisory mentor Andy Wares.

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