, the online home of Traverse Magazine wants you to meet the 2014 winner of Traverse City Restaurant Week’s $1000.00+ in Dining Gift Certificates!

0Now in its fourth year, Traverse City Restaurant Week sets the stage for an affordable diner’s dream. Thirty-four restaurants in the Grand Traverse region participated to create delectable pre fixe dinner menus. During the last week of February, diners had seven days to satiate their curiosity and hustle to the most sought-after eateries–and now one lucky diner is making plans for a personal extension of restaurant week… or shall we say year? We caught up with lucky diner, Dick T. of Grawn, MI, to dish out the details.

Dick, you’ve just won a diner’s dream in Northern Michigan! How is this year going to be an opportunistic and palette-pleasing adventure? 

Well, with the certificates we will experiment with restaurants we might not have tried.  We have some friends who are always willing to do the same, and they are fun to dine with!

Dining-out is something most folks do once a week at best. In Traverse there are more than enough reasons to dine-out frequently. That is why TCRW is so incredible—three courses of plated perfection for only $25. Which restaurants did you dine at during Restaurant Week? 

This year we went to Trattoria Stella and Copper Falls.  We were supposed to be out of town so didn’t schedule more.  As it turned out our flights were canceled so we were able to participate!

Sometimes a flight cancellation isn’t such a bad thing.

It’s safe to say that your friends are going to be calling you more often this year–what three restaurants will you take them to first? 

Bistro FouFou, Stella’s and Amical just to begin with.

Northern Michigan has an impressive array of restaurants brought to life by inventive chefs and supplied with farm-fresh produce. Signature ingredients like morels, cherries, and whitefish continue to show up on menus across the region. Is there a signature Michigan ingredient you look for on menus? 


Traverse City is a culinary hotspot in Northern Michigan. Traverse Magazine and strive to keep you updated on the latest in restaurant news and foodie finds. How does Traverse Magazine keep you informed? 

Believe it or not, I enjoy many of the tasteful ads.  I like that Traverse Magazine keeps current on chefs, new restaurants and wineries.

Dick, on that note, if you’re ever staring at that pile of delectable gift certificates wondering where to dine next, check out MyNorth’s dining guide and don’t hesitate to call us for tips, we might even be available for a dinner date.

On another note, if you’re not Dick T., you didn’t win this year’s TCRW prize… but you can still be MyNorth’s next big winner! Check out how you can win $3000.00 in patio furniture this May, and don’t forget …there is always TCRW 2015.