Motionhouse Dance Company at Interlochen

On Tuesday, April 1st, the UK’s Motionhouse Dance Company will perform at Interlochen Arts Academy’s Corson Auditorium.  Founded in 1988, the company is heralded as one of the world’s premier modern dance ensembles, and has performed across the globe at dance festivals and in world-renowned theaters.  The company incorporates elements of circus, theater, film and acrobatics to produce startlingly dynamic shows.

Motionhouse will be performing its production entitled Scattered: using projection created by award-winning Spanish filmmakers, Logela Multimedia, Motionhouse has created a world of water in a truly inspiring show where athletic movement blends sensationally with Logela’s projections. The performers are at one moment on the stage, then suddenly sprinting up the upstage curved wall (think half pipe snowboard or skate ramp), immersing themselves in sensational images of cascading waterfalls, rainstorms and swimming pools. They hang, suspended over a frozen landscape of arctic beauty at the very top of the curve before diving onto the stage through the ice floes and frozen waters; they hurl themselves into tidal waves, they stride up projected escalators, they fling themselves onto projected deckchairs and they catch, throw and hold each other in impossible embraces.

The response to Motionhouse has been unanimously positive.  One review, by filmmaker Richard Weta—whose credits include The Lord of the Rings and Avatar—offers a fair summation: “As you can imagine I have come into contact with some widely creative and imaginative people in the entertainment arena. Motionhouse’s work is some of the most startling and original performance based contemporary dance I have had the pleasure of witnessing. Kevin Finnan kindly introduced me to the work of this team from the UK and the original dynamic performance and sheer talent of the performers leaves the viewer utterly amazed. The incredible physical achievements and beautiful dance by this group is just captivating.”

To purchase tickets, please visit or call 231.276.7800

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