Some people measure the passage of the seasons by a calendar, while some prefer to trust a never-willing-to-cooperate groundhog.  But Michigan beer lovers know that the true sign of the times is the release of Bell’s Oberon—that Michigan-made American ale enjoyed in every corner of this great, beer-drinking nation.  What’s the best way to enjoy this wheat ale that tastes like a summer afternoon, you ask?  First, overlook the snow scattered on the ground, and get over to a Northern Michigan midnight tapping party!

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On Sunday, March 23rd, midnight tapping parties will occur at:

On Monday, March 24th:

On Tuesday, March 25th:

On Wednesday, March 26th:

And if you’d like to enjoy your Oberon in a snappy, MyNorth pint … get one shipped to you from, or a set of four to share with friends.

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Photo(s) by Rachel North