Here’s What’s Going On in Traverse City St. Patrick’s Day!


Eat corned beef, run like a leprechaun and dress your dog like one, watch a parade, do a pub-crawl and men: Top it off with A FREE HOT NECK SHAVE! Here’s what’s going on in Traverse City St. Patrick’s Day!

Friday, March 14

St. Patrick’s Day started weeks ago when the meatmongers of Maxbauer’s Specialty Market started brining pounds and pounds and pounds of corned beef. Watch this video to start your chops lickin’, then head over to the market at 407 S. Union Street to pick one up for your traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage St. Pat’s dinner.

Saturday March 15

9 am

Up and at ’em bloke! The Leaping Leprechaun 5k starts at 9 a.m. in the Warehouse District. You want motivation? Think about that cold beer they are going to hand you at the finish line. P.S. Go ahead, bring poochie on a leash for the run. But first, dress him up Irish style so he can be entered in the Canine Costume Contest. Register here:


Join the pre-parade glug at North Peak Brewing Co. 

1:30 pm

The St. Patrick’s Parade stages on Hall Street by North Peak then heads left Front, right on Pine, left on State, left on Park and then wends its way down Front Street.

2:30 pm

Settle into post-parade hurrah at  Kilkenny’s Irish Public House (below North Peak) where Song of the Lakes and The Wild Sully’s are entertaining.

Sunday March 16

This is your day of rest. Top it off by inviting family and friends to partake of your corned beef and cabbage dinner. Here’s Maxbauer’s Market’s recipe for cooking up one of their divinely brined corned beefs.

Monday, March 17 ST. PATRICK’S DAY

Better than Christmas, St. Paddy’s only comes around once a year old sham (Irish slang for friend, we looked it up on the internet), so slick yourself up at Burrone’s Barber Shop (319 East Front Street, 231.922.0977) where they’ll be giving free hot neck shaves from 9 am to 8 pm–in celebration of a shop redo and all things Irish, of course. Bring along your feek (Irish slang for gorgeous girl, again, the internet) and she’ll get coupons for all of this barber shop/high stylin’ full-service salon offerings. Fortify yourself with hors d’oeuvres, because it’s time for the PUB CRAWL. Here’s the itinerary. And remember: WALK, DON’T DRIVE.


Minerva’s at the Park Place




U&I Lounge

4-5 pm

Union Street Station




Dillinger’s Pub


Brady’s Irish Pub


The Blue Tractor Cook Shop

9-10 pm

Fire Fly


State Street Grill


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