Feeling a little Nordic, but perhaps a bit gun shy?  On Saturday, March 22nd and Sunday March 23rd, Grayling’s Hanson Hills and Cross Country Ski Headquarters of Roscommon will host their 2nd annual Paintball Biathlon.  Like the biathlon you watched during the Winter Olympics, competitors at Hanson Hills will combine Nordic skiing with target shooting, although instead of using specialized, purpose-built rifles, participants will use paintball guns to shoot at the targets.

The event is open to men, women and children.  Adult racers will ski a 1-2km loop (kids go 0.5-1km), then get five shots at a target with a paintball gun. This is repeated five times, and then the racers cross the finish line. For each target hit, we deduct 10 seconds from the skiers’ finish time.  Saturday’s racing will take place at Hanson Hills, and Sunday’s race and awards will be at Cross Country Ski Headquarters in Roscommon.  Paintball guns will be provided by TC Paintball.

Entrance costs $15 for one day, or $25 to participate on both Saturday and Sunday.

For more information or to register, please call Justin Andre at 989.348.9266 or Mariah Frye at 989.821.6661, or send an e-mail to Hanson Hills.

Please view the event’s registration form for event locations and a full schedule.

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Photo(s) by Hanson Hills