It’s simple math: pie + mouth = happy.  On Friday, March 14th, the Grand Traverse Pie Company invites you to compute the math yourself by partaking in their celebration of Pi Day.

The Traverse City-based company is offering a free slice of pie with any purchase on Pi Day, while members of the company’s customer loyalty group—The Pie Dough Club—will receive their complimentary slice à la mode.

March 14th, numeralized as 3/14, is the corresponding date represented by the first three digits of the mathematical constant pi (π), which equals approximately 3.14.  Pi is a fixed number that allows the area, circumference, and radius of a circle to be calculated.

Grand Traverse Pie Company’s observance of Pi Day has led to the distribution of a lot of free pie.  With 15 locations throughout Michigan and Indiana, the Grand Traverse Pie Co.’s Margaret Alexander estimates that “approximately 10,000 free slices are handed out on Pi Day.”

Can’t make it to TC or Petoskey on Pi Day?  Check out MyNorth’s video with pie-master Susan Odom on making a homemade apple pie: 

The day’s celebrations are coupled with a cooperative effort between the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD), Michigan State University, Product Center, and the Grand Traverse Pie Company to highlight the intrinsic role that math, education, and agriculture play in today’s economy. “Pi Day allows Michigan to celebrate two things that are critical to our continued economic comeback and reinvention – education and agriculture,” said Governor Rick Snyder. “This is a fun way to raise awareness of the importance of math and science education in the lives of our youth as well as to Michigan’s food and agriculture businesses. Pi Day recognizes that with an educated and trained talent base, our future will continue to be bright.”

“This is the third straight year MDARD has partnered with the Grand Traverse Pie Company as a fun way to recognize the need for math and science graduates within the food and agriculture sector. My continued passion is to cultivate solid career paths and job creation within our $96 billion food and agriculture system,” said Jamie Clover Adams, MDARD director. “As the second most agriculturally-diverse state in the nation, Michigan offers tremendous career and enterprise opportunities for new graduates as well as business growth centered on food and agriculture.”

Says Grand Traverse Pie Company founder Mike Busley: “We at Grand Traverse Pie Company are honored to help shine a light on the quality of both the agricultural bounty of our state and the important role that education plays within our state on Pi Day. Only through Michigan’s superior fruits and crops can we make our wonderful pies.  We would not have been able to craft these Michigan fruit pies into a growing business without the quality education we received in Michigan; both in the public school system and at Michigan State University.”

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  • Traverse City, 525 W Front Street, 231.922.7437
  • Traverse City, 101 N. Park Street, 231.933.3972

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Photo(s) by Grand Traverse Pie Company