We’ve got 53 Northern Michigan Fabulous Food Finds from Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine’s 2014 March edition.  We’ll be posting each food-finder’s favorites in series; today’s tastemaker: Daniela Weiner.

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A culinary transplant from Innsbruck, Austria, chef Daniela Weiner caught the cooking fever in her grandmother’s kitchen and moved to Chicago in 2004 to study culinary arts, excelling in both the sweet and savory sides of the kitchen. Having spent the last four years working and eating her way through the dynamic local dining scene, Daniela is an enthusiastic patron of farmers markets, where she seeks out heirloom produce to use in her own recipes, which often involve creative takes on classic comfort food.

Daniela’s Picks

1). Saskatoon Berries from Cross Farms, 11966 Sugar Bush Road, Northport, 231.386.5406

  • This ancient Canadian cousin of the apple yields a thick-skinned tropical blueberry look-alike that lends a bright, peppery verve to jams, compotes and chutneys.

2). Salsiccia Italiana from Sorrellina, 120 Park Street, Traverse City, 231.421.5912

  • Sorrellina’s housemade pork sausage folds together fennel, garlic and savory herbs and comes served with tender marinara-dressed pappardelle. Amore in every bite.

3). Goat Milk Camembert from Idyll Farms, 10901 East Peterson Park Road, Northport, 231.386.7823

  • Milk from the happy goats at Idyll Farms lends a lemony accent to this complex and creamy aged Camembert. Serve slightly warm with crusty baguette and a bottle of brut local bubbly.

4).  Made-to-order Popcorn from Stormcloud Brewing Company, 303 Main Street, Frankfort, 231.352.0118

  • Crisp airy kernels dusted with coconut and sriracha, bacon and chive or apple cayenne to complement your frosty pint of craft suds.
#5: Tamales from TC Latino
#5: Tamales from TC Latino

5). Tamales from TC Taqueria Latino, 2749 Silver Lake Road, Traverse City, 231.421.8388

  • Moist masa filled with roast pork, spicy braised chicken or jalapeños and cheese is wrapped in corn husks, steamed and served with fresh fiery salsa. The best dollar you’ll ever spend. →

6). Pumpkin Seed Oil from Fustini’s, 141 East Front Street, Traverse City, 231.944.1145

  • A kitchen staple in Chef Daniela’s native Austria, this heart-smart nutty deep green oil is ideal for building salad dressings, baking or drizzling over roasted squash.

7). Chef’s Taste from Trattoria Stella, 1200 West 11th Street, Traverse City, 231.929.8989

  • Chef Myles flexes his whole-animal virtuosity in this rotating appetizer featuring regional Italian preparations of tasty bits like sweetbreads, kidney and brain.

8). Cherry Beef Jerky from Port City Smokehouse, 1000 Main Street, Frankfort, 231.352.9192

  • Port City infuses sweet local fruit essence into their salty, smoky beef strips. Pair with cold brew and an afternoon on the water.

9). Korner Kottage Krunch from Korner Kottage Bed & Breakfast, 503 Saint Joseph Street, Suttons Bay, 231.271.2711

  • Seeds, nuts, raisins, cherries, cranberries and dried apricots meet sea salt and maple syrup in this addictive rolled oat orgy that’s best enjoyed with yogurt or by the heaping handful.


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