On Saturday, February 22nd, Interlochen Arts Academy will host the inaugural Winterlochen Festival. The festival which will feature a host of free, family-friendly concerts and programs, and will conclude with a performance by the Hot Club of San Francisco, an all-acoustic quintet hat revives the unique rhythms and textures of 1930’s gypsy jazz.

“We are looking forward to giving visitors of all ages a chance to experience the full breadth and depth of our performance offerings. All of our daytime activities are family-friendly and have been designed to appeal to all ages,” says Interlochen’s director of presentations Chris Gruits.

The festival has been designed for all ages and will include free student performances, free indoor and outdoor activities, food vendors and more. Events will begin at 10:30 a.m., and include hands-on percussion demonstrations, film showcases, theatre performances, a chamber ensemble concert, a funk band concert, singer-songwriter concerts, dance performances, creative writing readings, children’s activities and much more.

Highlights of Winterlochen include a pancake breakfast held at the Interlochen Public Library, an opening fanfare on Osterlin Mall, food vendors serving delicious edibles throughout the day, as well as a children’s story book reading in the Writing House. Other events include Ice skating on the Opera Field, self-guided snowshoeing and cross-country skiing through Interlochen State Park, and a film showcase at the DeRoy Center.

For a complete schedule of events, please visit Interlochen.org, and to purchase tickets to select events, including the Hot Club of San Fransisco, please visit Tickets.Interlochen.org or call the box office at 800.681.5920.

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