Traverse City’s Tim Paulson will host a book signing on Saturday, February 8th in Traverse City.

Paulson, translator of Gentle Savage: Still Seeking the End of the Spear, will be signing his book on Saturday, February 8th from 2 to 4 pm at Horizon Books of Traverse City.

The saga of Ecuador’s Waorani tribe, which Gentle Savage’s investigates, is ever-evolving. Their story is inextricably linked to the River Curaray, which bathes the land of the Ecuadorian Amazon, feeds its people, transports its canoes, and conceals its history, then follows its winding course all the way to the sea.

Gentle Savage is a tribute to the oral traditions of a people who did not know how to forgive, but along their pathway learned to do so. This remarkable narration is a rustic song that emerges out of indigenous culture with all the voices of liberty that our own moral censure does not know how to fully appreciate.

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