Stargaze Northern Michigan on your smartphone or tablet with the help of Suttons Bay‘s Enerdyne nature and science store.

Forget selfies. If you really wanna impress your friends with your cellphone photography skills, just ask the folks at Enerdyne to point you toward their line of phone accessories for star-watching. The hottest-latest trend in stargazing gear allows you to easily connect your smartphone or tablet to the eyepiece of a telescope to photograph incredible images of the night sky. Don’t own a telescope? Enerdyne can hook you up with a $28 pocket-sized adapter that will turn your smartphone into a telephoto-style monocular powerful enough to photograph all manner of celestial bodies. The dark, clear Northern Michigan nights of January offer impeccable opportunities for scoping out the sky; we love the thought of being able to capture that beauty—with our phones, no less—to gaze at whenever we wish.

Visit Enerdyne at 223 St. Joseph St., Suttons Bay, 231.271.6033,