Opa! Uptown of Traverse City offers 10 steps to a romantic Valentine’s Day, and strict adherence to them should—barring any unforeseen gaffs—guide Cupid’s arrow to its mark.  Their partnerships with Teboe Florists and the Camera Shop combine to provide the three key ingredients to making your Valentine’s Day memorable: food, flowers, and photos.

Here are the steps:

  1. Make Reservations at Opa! Uptown European Cuisine by calling (231)-943-1344 or by visiting www.UptownTC.com.
  2. Order Flowers from Teboe Florist by calling (231)-946-8635 or visiting www.TeboeFlorist.com.  Your flowers will be delivered to the restaurant and given to your date upon arrival.
  3. Melt her heart by reciting famous love quotes. 50 quotes will be given to you when you arrive at Uptown.
  4. Plan an intimate dinner.  This should be covered by now.  See step 1.
  5. Pair your dinner with the perfect wine or champagne. All menu items will have a recommended pairing.
  6. Brush up on current events and pop culture so you won’t be lacking in relevant conversation topics.
  7. Create a romantic playlist to set the mood. Uptown will feature a live pianist for your entertainment.
  8. Make it memorable by having a picture taken at Uptown. The Camera Shop will be at Uptown to take pictures of all of the love birds. You will receive a free 5″x7″ or 8″x10″ photo from The Camera Shop a few days later.
  9. Upon your exit from Uptown, buy a box of chocolate-covered strawberries to enjoy later that evening.
  10. Call Teboe Florists again to order a bag of rose petals, which will be waiting at Uptown.  Get creative when you arrive home after your dinner….

Sound advice from a Traverse City favorite!

Opa! Uptown can be reached at (231)-943-1344 or www.UptownTC.com

Teboe Florists can be reached at (231)-946-8635 or www.TeboeFlorist.com

The Camera Shop can be reached at (231)-946-7150 or www.CameraShopTC.com