New Year storage tips by Northern Michigan designer Marty Rhein of BAC Design Group in Traverse City help us all get organized in 2014. From linens to ornaments, Marty offers helpful hints for de-cluttering your space and making next year’s holiday preparation just a little bit easier. Here’s a count down to Marty’s top five New Year storage tips. Now go ahead Marty, teach us your ways.

New Year Storage Tip #5: Linen Rack

New Year Storage TipsAttractively store your decorative table cloths and linens as wall art in a pantry with a custom linen rack. I designed this one to compliment the trim work in this home but it could easily be adapted to your decor tastes/styles as well. Each solid wood bar removes easily from side slots for transporting and storing. Works also for blanket storage in a closet or bare wall in a laundry room.

New Year Storage Tip #4: Gift Boxes

Storage Tips BAC DesignEver wonder what to do with the Harry & David gift box (for fruit) from a generous gift giver? We store our finer fragile Christmas ornaments in their awesomely designed divided/foam padded boxes!

New Year Storage Tip #3: Muffin Tin Legos

 New Year Storage TipsMarty’s six-year-old son, an avid Lego player, received a couple of Lego sets for Christmas. He said he could use a sorter for keeping the pieces (especially the small ones) organized between sets. Rather than run out and purchase another “piece of plastic” Marty repurposed an extra muffin tin from their kitchen. Dad to the rescue!

New Year Storage Tip #2: Microwave Magic

New Year Storage Tips

Here’s a storage solution for an “unsightly microwave.” Get two matching cabinet doors, a few hinges, and a magnet catch to create a clever bifold door under a wall cabinet to conceal it and other small appliances with style!




New Year Storage Tip #1: Spice Drawer

New Year Storage TipsCreate easy access to spices next to a cooking area. It’s as simple as inserting a tiered spice display unit into an existing drawer. Tiered spice inserts are available from a number of online stores as well as from many local cabinet suppliers